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Afspeel volgorde:
1. Why Do I
2. When The Lady Smiles
3. Clear Night, Moonlight
4. Stand By Me
5. Angel
6. Turn The World Around
7. Distant Love
8. Still Got The Keys To My First Cadillac
9. Miles Away From Nowhere
10. Another 45 Miles
11. Something Heavy Going Down
12. Quiet Eyes
13. Just Like Vince Taylor / Radar Love
14. No For An Answer
15. My Killer My Shadow
16. Albino Moon
17. Movin' Down Life
18. Holy Holy Life
19. Sleepwalkin'
20. Back Home
21. Radar Love
22. Ce soir
23. Instant Poetry
24. A Sound I Never Heard
25. Bombay
26. She Flies On Strange Wings
27. Weekend Love
28. I've Just Lost Somebody
29. Buddy Joe
30. I Do Rock 'N Roll
31. N.E.W.S.
32. Twilight Zone